Air Conditioning Control

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Do not underrate smart buildings, and learn about air conditioning system!

The things that we acquire due to advancements in technology may facilitate our day-to-day lives, but they also bring about various problems and diseases with them.

A news item from Milliyet newspaper dated 10:37 | 09 July 2010.

Uzm. Dr. Orhan DALKILIÇ


In recent years, large work and shopping centers, residents are generally being constructed with smart building technology. Smart building means those buildings have fire and safety system automations, their heating / cooling ventilation systems are connected to central automation; they are closed, have no contact outside with an opening window, has air conditioning plants which pass the ventilated air through the filter and then give to environment, and essentially isolated from outside environment. With this method, a more sterile and more economical environment in terms of heating and cooling is aimed for. However, in addition to all these, it also paved the way to unexpected problems and diseases.

The study of smart buildings in terms of air conditioning and ventilation:

In smart buildings, the fresh air need of the building is met from central air conditioning plants (ventilation is not done by opening window, vs.)

In air conditioning plants, filters which are chosen according to environment is used.

Air conditioner plants perform heating or cooling according to outside weather conditions. Room temperature is adjusted by looking at return airway temperature of air conditioner plant.

There are heating and cooling coils in air conditioner plants. Hot water to coils is provided from boilers, and cold water is provided from chiller units.

At times when outside weather has low humidity and very cold, the humidity rate inside the room may decrease due to the fact that heating coils work at full capacity.

Unfortunately in some buildings, mixed air system is used which purifies the indoors air and gives it back to indoors environment again. This, in turn, causes health and social problems which brings about even more cost than saving. Whereas smart building means one that protects human health, doesn’t cause closed building disease, and offers a cleaner and purer environment.

What to look out for when using building air-conditioners or fan coil? When we enter hotel and hospital rooms, working environments in a closed building or the room with air-conditioner in our home, one of the first things we do is to tamper with the settings of air-conditioner.