Audio and Video Systems

  • Introduction

 Audio and video systems are the management of audio/video system which is used on location by using one or many control panels.

These systems are so customized for you that you only select the name of album or song that you want to listen to, or the DVD and TV channel that you want to watch. The system gives the commands required for you to listen or watch something at your current location with a single touch.

Also the music and announcement systems which are used in hotels and large business centers consist of the combination of many different devices due to special conditions. These systems bring together standard products together with non-standard devices which are custom-built with many options that satisfy consumer’s needs.

Today, the freedom of action provided by wireless microphones has become indispensible in live music events, sporting event and conferences. With our professional radio, microphone and receivers in different models, we offer perfection in wireless sound transmission.

In order to perform “vide calls” or “video conference”, video conference devices and a broad-band (128kbps- 5 mbit) communication infra-structure that allows communication between these devices is required.

Cost is important in video communication and there are 2 kinds of costs,

1: device costs: The price of the selected video conference set.

2: Communication costs: The costs which are paid monthly- annually or in minutes for the infra-structure (satellite and ISDN lines), the usage fees in long-term may exceed the cost of the devices. Accordingly, while making a device choice, those that have strong codecs and that can give quality image with less communication capacity should be preferred.