Central Clock Systems

  • Introduction


Central clock systems, which consist of a central clock and digital and analogue secondary clock units that operate in parallel with it, are used in living spaces such as schools, hospitals, railroad stations, airports, television and radio stations, plants and offices. If desired, they indicate the date and temperature of the environment they are located on display panel.



  •  One can use as many secondary clocks as they like
  •  The time information, which is adjusted from a single center, can be monitored in all devices
  •  The distance between center and secondary clocks is supported up to 1,5 km, and it can be comfortable used even in the largest building environments
  •  Secondary clocks continue to operate in the event of power cuts and breakdowns
  •  Accuracy is day / 1 second during independent operations
  •  The data transfer from main clock to secondary clocks is conducted with,RS485 serial communication protocol or over wireless radio frequency with (RF) modules.