Statement of the General Director

Ersel Engineering has made significant contributions to Russian Industry since the day it was established. It has been expanding its fields of activity in other countries, notably Turkey, and has been proceeding with firm steps in the path to becoming a leading company in its sector.

All production and project systems are followed closely in its electrical and automation systems. Capital of Ersel Engineering, which manages risks in the most successful manner without making any concessions on its fundamental business objectives, is increasing day by day thanks to its risk management.

We are proceeding in the path to becoming an international brand in line with our strategic priorities. While our investments continue at full speed, no concessions will ever be made on the Occupational Safety and Worker Health, Environment, Quality, Human Resources Policies and Social Responsibility Policy which assure our company’s future existence.

I extend my endless gratitude our employers, who have added value to us to date while Ersel Engineering Company attained its objectives. 

I thank all our customers, participants and personnel who worked with great sacrifice for preferring us and being with us in this path of success on which our company proceeds consistently.

Yours Sincerely,

Erdal KAYA
Ersel Engineering Company General Manager