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Social Activities


One of the application areas of our sensitivity regarding “protection of environment and use of renewable energy sources” we mentioned in our environmental policy and institutional responsibilities are our social activities we organize in the field of environment. We organize various activities for the purpose of protecting and developing forests which are the most important elements that form the environment.


Our forests are important because

  • They are the richest and most sustainable renewable energy sources
  • They prevent climate changes and regulate the climate
  • They are assurances of water sources, preventer of floods and the principle element of hydraulic balance.
  • They are guarantor of biological diversity and treasures of natural gene reserves.
  • They are the insurance of agriculture.

We distribute free seedlings through our “One Seedling, One Person” Activities for the purpose of conserving our forests, which have countless benefits, and helping formation of new forests and in this way, we contribute to development of our forests.
As Ersel Engineering, we also support the non-governmental organizations which conduct social activities regarding conservation of environment.

“If you are making plans for one year, cultivate rice; if you are making plans for ten years, plant trees and if you are making plans for ten years, educate people.”
Huang Che

As Ersel Engineering, we build our plans and objectives not on today or tomorrow but on future. For this reason, we place great importance on education, which is the most important element that shapes individuals first and then the society formed by individuals.

We know that a society formed by uneducated individuals is condemned to be exploited by other countries but unfortunately, not every individual can be given the equal chance with respect to education.

Most of our children, who can attain the ultimate success in his/her area of specialization if provided with a good education, are deprived of the right to education due to living conditions.
Through the social activities we organize as Ersel Engineering, we endeavor to present the right to education to our children, which is their most fundamental right.

Providing our abandoned children and children having limited financial facilities with equal chance as their peers and ensuring that they look at the future hopefully are the primary social activities we organize with respect to education

Social Solidarity

We Return to the Society what we have Gained from the Society”

Social solidarity is a requirement of the developed society structure. In this sense, a big share falls to the share of big organizations in terms of directing the society and drawing the attention to the issue.

As Ersel Engineering, we adopt the responsibilities that are incumbent on us with respect to lending a helping hand to abandoned children, the elderly and people in need as our mission and fulfill them.

In this sense, we call for non-governmental organizations, associations and corporations to return to the society what they have gained from the society. 12