Fire Detection Systems

  • Introduction

 The primary goal of fire detection systems is to detect fire as it begins and to report that the fire started to the headquarters where the system is monitored. That way maximum security is ensured in terms of security of life and property and a safe environment is created. The indispensible condition of the system is the proper operation of warning system. The systems that doesn’t give warning on time or give false warnings will extinguish the trust on the system itself. For this reason, our research and development department is making studies in order to improve our system. Thanks to detector, buttons and modular micro-processors in our system, everything is under our customer’s control. In alarm situations, detectors make decisions by using their artificial intelligence based algorithms. Our Fire Alarm Systems can work on their own and analyze the signals correctly. They are never disabled in the event of short circuit or ground leakage. The system has a permanent memory. The programmed data doesn’t get lost.