Gas Detection Systems

  • Introduction


Gas detection and alarm systems are used to monitor the levels of combustible, flammable and toxic gas in your building operate the necessary fans for the discharge of gas in accordance with relevant scenarios when it reaches dangerous levels turn off valves and give audible / luminous warnings.

The Products We Use in Gas Detection and Alarm Systems

Gas Detection Systems with Xtralis Air Sampled

GMI Gas Alarm Systems

Oggioni Gas Alarm Systems

Your gas detection requirements and the integration level with other building control systems play a role while we determine the system that we shall install for you.

When you apply for EEC for your gas detection system, we carry out a series of detection and evaluation work in order to implement the most suitable system for you.

In order to provide complete turn-key solutions, we also offer software that allows graphical monitoring and control in addition to basic gas detection equipment.

Combustible, Flammable gas detectors

LPG gas detectors

Natural gas detectors

Toxic gas detectors

CO gas detectors

Active air-suction gas detectors

Ex-proof gas detectors

Industrial gas detectors with 4-20mA outlet

Gas detection and alarm panels