Human Resources Development Process

Human Resources Development Process

Orientation in Ersel Engineering

Orientation Period

It is the training period which a personnel candidate applying to Ersel Engineering for a job undergoes following acceptance of his/her application in order for him/her to start working as our company’s new personnel.

During orientation;

a) Information is given about conditions of the job to be performed by the personnel and the rules he/she is to obey,

b) The personnel member is provided with the feeling that the company is his/her own workplace.

The high rate of quitting in the first employment period is minimized with this application.

Job Applications in Ersel Engineering

The job application period in Ersel Engineering consists of three sections: Job Application, Interview and Assessment.

Application Period: We aim at selecting the most convenient candidate for corporate mission and company objectives of Ersel Engineering in vacant positions. Convenience of the candidate for the position of application, his/her educational background, certificates and competencies are the primary elements we take into consideration.

The methods employed in training

1) Publications introducing the corporation,

2) Group meetings,

4) Corporate trips,

5) Individual interviews held by experts

Interview Period: Relevant directors of the position of application conduct as many interviews as they deem necessary with the candidates having applied to our company.

All of our candidates in the interview period are assessed according to their convenience for the position of application as well as their potentials of having the features of customer-orientedness, following the technology closely, embracing the job, being in harmony with their co-workers, self-development and being open to learning, which constitute main principles of Ersel Engineering Company.

Assessment Period: Our authorities conduct reference research for the candidates found appropriate at the end of the interviews. Human Resources Department of our institution gives information to candidates found appropriate in this period.

All candidates are informed negatively or positively by the company throughout the employment period.

In our company, training refers to ensuring that technical and practical information related to the job to be performed is learned by the personnel. In this sense, training covers a long-term period that continues until our newly-employed co-worker quits the job.

Purpose of the Training: Keeping up with the technology, accustoming people who have recently joined us to the job and attaining sustainable success.

Our training programs are essentially oriented towards workers and personnel of equal value. Furthermore, trainings on problem solving, decision making, leadership and personal relationships etc. are provided for our executive candidates.