Motor Control Centers (MCC)

  • Introduction

 Motor Control System is a card system that can control four or eight motors and it can mobilize the motors in a controlled manner. It has a wide range of application in areas such as production lines, plants, smart buildings, treatment plants and pump stations where motor control is intense. Our project supports, the solution that we produce for conventional or PLC control systems, our accumulation of knowledge and experience are important privileges that we offer to our customers.

Technical specifications:

Operated with 24V dc

It runs software codes embedded within motherboard and remote control unit.

It can operate with 2 motors at the same time.

There are versions with 4, 5 or 8 motors.

If desired, wireless remote control application can be added.

It consists of three main units:

  • Motherboard
  • Remote control unit
  • Power supply

Areas of use for MCC panels:

Large business centers, shopping malls

Hospitals, airports

Petro-chemical facilities

Cycle plants


MCC panels contain necessary power and control circuits (relay, conductor, fuse, vs..) that allows motors and devices and machines with motor to operate.

MCC panels, which are used mainly by plants, industrial facilities, production lines, treatment and pumping stations to monitor and control the system, are designed by our expert staff. They are manufactured in compliance with IEC 60617 World standards and delivered to our customers with maximum reliability by going through a general and precise test.