Music and Announce Systems

  • Introduction

 Emergency announce systems (Speakers Systems) are used to warn and notify listeners with audio in emergency and normal situations. The important thing in general music broadcasting and announce systems is to transmit the sound to listener without ruining its quality. Customer satisfaction is only attained with product and service quality.

In some projects, the system is divided into regions upon the requests of the customer and different music broadcasts can be made to different regions. Also in emergency situations, the system automatically goes to emergency announce status and it can broadcast a recorded audio message.

It is especially used in multi-storey buildings (hotels, business centers, shopping centers, hospitals) and places with large spaces (warehouses, supermarkets, etc.). Thanks to central announce system, the evacuation procedures and directions of relevant departments can be easily and automatically provided in the event of a danger without causing any panic.

Sound systems are improving with every passing day. Initially 100V system designs were used commonly, but nowadays advanced designs with Hi-Fi sound quality such as 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm are more commonly used. With mixer, amplificatory and relay circuits, it became possible to make integrated system designs that can extend with modular-structured cards.

The main products that are used in these systems are as follows;

  • Power Amplifier
  • Announce & Music Preamplifier
  • Mixer Amplifier
  • Announce Control Micro-phone Module
  • Announce Control Relay Module
  • Digital Emergency Module
  • Speakers