Occupational Safety and Environment

Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Our priority in the area of activity is to assume responsibility of product and service cycle. With this approach, we shape our activities by taking their impact on the environment into consideration at each of our development stages.

Our environmental policy bears a special importance since the environment is an area that has not only regional but also global impacts and also since it concerns the future of humankind and our world closely.



The primary objectives of our environmental policy are as follows:

  • Protecting the environment and human health
  • Using the natural resources wisely and carefully
  • Taking measures at international level by taking regional and global problems into account.

Because we know that a comprehensive and detailed environmental legislation concerns not only society’s today but also its tomorrows.

As Ersel Engineering, the Environmental Objective, Principles and Institutional Environment Policy We Implement are as follows:

Our Objective:

It should be avoided to use the natural resources in such a way as to disrupt the ecological balance and these resources should be managed in the wisest manner.

Our Principles

  • Foresightedness:

If a certain work is doubted to create detrimental outcomes for the environment, measures should be taken definitely without waiting for the scientific proof.

  • The prevention principle:

It is monitoring of whether the measures adopted by Ersel Engineering is reflected in the company. Necessary measures should be taken before the possible damage is fully revealed. Company managers should be able to use the information and the situation encountered should be assessed at an early stage of the decision-making process in order for the prevention principle to be implemented.

  • Helping employees change their habits:

Information diversity on environment should increase and our employees should be informed in this regard.

Our Institutional Environment Principles

  • Protection of Air:

Necessary measures need to be taken as well as conservation of air quality and prevention of contact between harmful contents and air. To this end, the conditions in Ersel Engineering environmental policy should be fulfilled.

  • Conservation of Life:

Ersel Engineering gives priority to human health and the measures that need to be taken to this end are assured pursuant to our “Work and Safety Policy”.

  • Conservation of Water:

Required measures are taken in the field of waste water treatment in line with this objective.

  • Waste Management:

The wastes created within the company boundaries are prevented at source and without giving harm to the environment. Necessary sensitivity should be displayed for our “Clean Production*” principle within the framework of rules set by laws by being aware of the magnitude of damage which the environment can incur due to chemical wastes.

  • Waste management stage order:

Giving priority to recycling apart from prevention and reduction of waste production is of importance. Disposal of wastes by storing them under the round or burning them without any energy saving comes at the end of these stages.

  • Self sufficiency:

Ensuring comprehensive, integrated and adequate waste recycling by using the most appropriate technology.

  • Closeness:

This principle provides for disposal of wastes in an area close to the source as much as possible.

  • Production Responsibility:

Statement of the fact that we assume any kind of responsibility unconditionally in the areas where we conduct production.

Our principles, which we have mentioned above, are the fundamental principles of our institutional environment policy. In light of these principles, our environmental policy is embraced and applied in our company culture unconditionally.


  • Our environmental standards were set beyond legal obligations. These standards are not just implemented to obey laws, bylaws and regulations but are implemented sincerely “With the Consciousness to Protect Nature”.

  • We target perfection through intercompany information and experience exchange. We use our experiences in order to share and produce the most correct information.

  • We adopt preventive approach in our entire activities for the purpose of continuously improving our environmental performance. We eliminate the risk factors besides conserving the existing.

  • We manage environmental risks.

  • The best production techniques that can be attained are implemented. We follow the technology closely and incorporate each new development pertinent to our field into Ersel Engineering.

  • We support environmental awareness-raising and information exchange for improvement of the society.

  • We should contribute to the developments that will conserve our environment for a cleaner world.

  • We support the activities necessary to find new energy sources in a way that will damage the nature at minimum.

  • We set the roles, responsibilities and authorities in infrastructure, technology, finance and human resources and ensure that our employees raise their environmental awareness.

  • While preparing our “Institutional Environment Policy”, we ensure that not only our employees but everyone including our suppliers and engineers implement them in line with the principles and objectives mentioned above.

  • We try to continuously improve and review our environmental performance.

  • We set and implement objectives regarding energy, waste management and natural resource use.

  • We both aim at continuous improvement through clean product and clean production technologies and assume environmental responsibility of our services and products at the same time.

* CLEAN PRODUCTION As Ersel Engineering, the production realized in all facilities within the company body primarily safeguards the human and environment factors and keeps the priority of environment –and therefore human health- conservation at the highest level.