Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy

The people who win spare time to watch and enjoy their achievement because they know that what makes the view they see from the mountain peak that exciting is the height of the mountain.”

Denis Waitley

The basis of our human resource policy is to listen to and understand our personnel and ensure that 100% efficiency is gained from the works carried out by filling the vacant positions with right people. We endeavor to make our personnel “happy workers” by helping their potential surface.

We always enjoy contributing to production and operating as a company who love their job and who are sincerely dedicated to it.

Ersel Engineering: A person working in Ersel Engineering is not only a personnel member but also member of a huge family who is young, dynamic and who continuously chases after technology. With this in mind, every personnel member who starts to work within the company body bears great value for the company. All the infrastructure and technological innovations required for the employees have been offered by our company.

We fulfill all kind of responsibilities incumbent on us in order for Ersel Engineering employees to be able to work in a comfortable and reliable environment where they can create synergy.

Career in Ersel Engineering: Assessment of the personnel member to begin to work bears strategic importance. In Ersel Engineering, Human Resources Assessment Systems bring the value given to “human being” to the forefront and creates awareness as a privileged element.

It allows for harmony of experience and creativity of its employees with the competition conditions developing and new markets entered in order to ensure that the company has in a leading position in its sector in accordance with our human resources policy.

Within the framework of these conditions, in our human resources policy:

  • Being behaved fairly, in good faith and tolerantly; obeying laws and moral rules
  • Fulfillment of the requirements of “Laws, Regulations and Bylaws on Labor Law and Labor Security” in order for employees to be able to work securely in their workplaces,
  • Provision of equal opportunity for our employees in use of wage resources, training, development and career,
  • >Exchange of information with employees continuously by using communication sources of the corporation,
  • Objective assessment of our personnel who exhibits behaviors violating our company values in line with the regulation on warning systems and disciplinary board are fundamental rights of our personnel working within our body.

Waging and Rewarding in Ersel Engineering: The principal of fairness is also the most important item of our waging and rewarding policy. We have a “work assessment” system so that a fair distribution exists in our waging system. This has a purpose of helping the works carried out in achieving the objectives set.

The fundamental principle of wage management is to assess intra-company performance and reward our personnel. Language education is provided for our personnel achieving extraordinary success for the purpose of “offering a higher quality and more comfortable living opportunity.”

Combining qualified workforce under the roof of Ersel Engineering,

Offering wage policies and side benefits (such as language education etc.) which will increase commitment of our employees to their job,

Encouraging them to take responsibility within the company,

Recognizing and rewarding contributions, achievements and good performance of our employees,

Are requirements of our Human Resources System?

Recruitment and Placement in Ersel Engineering: Beyond their graduation status and experiments, the major properties we seek in our personnel who will participate in our field works are:

  • Having the tendency to work
  • Being open to teaching and learning, and
  • Being able to work in harmony and solidarity with co-workers in the same environment.

Providing the equal opportunities to everyone who is open to learning even if he/she has little professional knowledge, who wants to work and build a career in a professional institution is another principle of our Human Resources Policy.

As Ersel Engineering, we share the information and knowledge that will prepare our personnel for our professional working environment through our in-house trainings. We render them competent and qualified employees and provide employment for greater number of people.

Beside all these, getting to know closely and understanding the personnel are of importance for Ersel Engineering. We assess each of our future employees for a trial period of two months and then try to make the right decisions for both sides.