Our Institutional
Responsibility Projects

Our Institutional Responsibility Projects

Our Institutional Responsibility Projects

We gain value as we add value.”
Ersel Engineering


Ersel Engineering 2011 Institutional Responsibility Projects of Ersel Engineering 


The essence of our institutional responsibility projects is our company’s vision.  

As is mentioned in our vision, our company lays the foundations of investments that will meet the necessities to arise as well as contributing to elimination of current social problems as of today. Ersel Engineering contributes to production and provides employment in order to reach the people in need in our society and raise the general welfare level. Rising qualified personnel by combining in-house trainings with experience and therefore, increasing qualified workforce are the primary objectives of our social responsibility projects. 




The social responsibility projects of Ersel Engineering which have continued since its day of establishment and the fact that it is aware of these responsibilities are closely related to assuming its responsibilities for generations to follow.   

Ersel Engineering is conscious of the fact that society interests should never be overlooked in operation activities. It uses its resources economically and impresses this consciousness on its entire personnel. The social responsibility projects and principles it has adopted as principles beside the importance of preservation of human
health and the sensitivity it has demonstrated in this regard are as follows:  

Our Social Responsibility Principles  

  • Respecting rights of everyone including its own employees and business partners, 
  • Behaving equally to all its employees without making racial, language, religious, sexual, skin color, age, nationality, social origin discrimination, 
  • Not tolerating working of children and respecting children rights,  
  • Offering social and salary facilities in line with national and local legal standards. There is the standard of equal pay for equal work.  
  • Developing approaches to ensure that all business partners and customers, notably its employees act sensitively in the area of social responsibility. 
  • Taking care to fulfill all its social and environmental responsibilities against societies in accordance with their traditions and culture in all the geographical regions of operation.  

Below are our social responsibility projects that will be applied in 2011 in light of the above-mentioned principles: 

Education: Ersel Engineering is aware of the fact that “education” is the way to increase societal peace and welfare level. For this reason;  

It aims to design and put into application projects that will contribute to education of our children and young people who are the guarantors of our future within the scope of “Children Who Can Hold A Pencil, Not A Gun” Project. This project will enable each child to enjoy his/her “Right to Education” fairly as well as helping our children to complete their process in the path to be conscious individuals. 


If we raise “Children Who Can Hold A Pencil, Not A Gun”, we can change not only life of one person but also other tomorrows.  

Based on this fact, Ersel Engineering considers the investment it has made in education as an investment it has made to the future.  

Ersel Engineering makes contributions in order for our students to be able to receive education under better conditions by funding the projects executed by non-governmental organizations operating in the area of education beside their own projects.  

Environment: It favors finding of new energy resources for a cleaner world and usage of these resources in a way that causes the least damage in the environment. Another social responsibility project it has formed to this end is: 

 “Finding and Using Renewable Energy Sources for a Cleaner World”.  

The energy obtained from an energy flow that exists in natural processes which continue uninterruptedly is renewable energy. These resources can be listed as sunlight, wind, flowing water, biological processes and geothermal energy. 

It is not possible for renewable energy to be consumed permanently by facilities, animals and people. These resources can be used directly and can be converted into other forms of energy. 

  • Renewable energy, which is also defined as “the energy source that can exist as it is the following day in the nature’s own evolution”, is important as it reduces carbondioxide output and helps protection of environment.  
  • It decreases dependence on foreign sources as it is a national source.   
  • It helps augmentation of employment. 

The efforts to extend, find and use renewable energy sources are high priority of all developed countries.  

Within the framework of these reasons, Ersel Engineering makes moves in the area of using new, harmless and sustainable energy without waiting for disappearance of existing energy sources for “A Cleaner World“ and sees this as a requirement of the social responsibility policy.


  • According to November 2002 data of Energy Agency, the renewable energy sources used in the whole world has a share of 13,8% within total energy sources. The distribution of this share is as follows: 80% flammable and renewable wastes, 16,5% hydro energy and 0,5% others (wind, geothermal, sun, wave, tide incidents etc.). 

Social solidarity: Pursuant to the principle of “We Gain Value as We Add Value”, Ersel Engineering materializes the social aids that will contribute to development of social responsibility and solidarity. In these projects, the company, which acts in concert with its employees, business partners and customers, not only produces new projects but also supports the current ongoing social solidarity projects and works of non-governmental organizations. 

In its works, which are carried out with a sense of sensitivity that suits an organization leading its sector, it not only helped the homeless but also supported them morally and paid attention to their problems. Producing projects that can also meet the needs of people in need of nursing and lending them a helping hand are within the scope of our 2011 Social Responsibility Projects.

Note: The scientific information about Renewable Energy Source is prepared by being gathered from the address: http://tr.wikipedia.org