Occupational Safety and Environment

Our Occupational Safety Policy

Our Occupational Safety Policy

Our occupational health and safety policy is a concept that incorporates production and our company. If a healthy working environment does not exist in a company, employee health cannot be mentioned. For this reason, our priority duty among the others is “Protecting Human Life” and acting with this awareness.

Occupational Health

It includes all the works we conduct in order to maintain our employees’ health at the highest level socially, psychologically and physically; ensure that working conditions and production tools do not damage health; protect our employees against detrimental impacts and ensure harmony between the job and the employee.

In this way, we handle the job with its social, physical and psychological dimensions. The harmony between the job and the employee is definitely upheld by our Human Resources Department and right personnel are assigned to the right job.

Occupational Safety

In Ersel Engineering, all conditions which are required to be prepared in line with the standards set by laws for the purpose of creating a better working environment cleared of potential risks that could damage health and of threats posed by conduct of the work have been satisfied.

There are known and unknown, predicted and unpredicted threats and risks during conduct of a work We have 5 fundamental principles we apply in our Occupational Health and Safety Policy in order to minimize these risks.:

1. Planning:

We execute occupational health and safety in accordance with a plan and program. We make our plans according to such questions as what do we want to do, how are we going to do it, when and why are we going to do it, which equipment and information are we going to use, with whom are we going to make cooperation.

2. Continuity

All the works carried out are updated regularly and continues uninterruptedly.

3. Method

The works are carried out with technical and scientific methods.

4. Conformity with the Standards

Our company complies with the safety conditions in Russia and conditions which bind the employer control company with which it works as well as the safety rules at European standard.

5. Training

We give priority to our employees’ health and safety as Ersel Engineering. All of our personnel undergo competence trainings with regard to their occupational branches and the personnel who succeed as a result of these trainings gain the right to work in our company.

The five principles mentioned above are indispensible for our company policy. In light of these principles, we commit ourselves to the world-class joint Occupational Health and Occupational Safety policy of Ersel Engineering.

In order to fulfill our commitment:

We continuously check fulfillment of our products and projects in line with all relevant legal requirements, laws and regulations,

Measurement, reporting and regular review of performance of our employees by setting aims and objectives for occupational health and safety,

Regular maintenance of machines and facilities we use execution of works to develop our facilities by taking occupational safety into account, and validity of our occupational safety policy.

We inform our employees, customers, authorities and other participants of the status on time as well as constantly checking the feasibility of our policy.