Smart Parking System

  • Introduction


With the improvement in technology, smart parking systems are one of the most grand innovations that is presented. These systems provide convenience for both organizations and automobile drivers.

The system that we offer can be controlled remotely without requiring a presence of a human thanks to its advanced design and administration software.

The vehicle capacity is quite large on these types of parking lots. After the vehicle enters the system, it is left on a moving surface. Then it is determined whether there are any organisms inside the vehicle by automation system of the park and whether the doors are locked by smart parking system. Then the vehicle is transferred to a suitable space. The best advantage offered by smart parking system is that the space can be used very well.

General benefits of the system are;

  • Provides a permanent solution to parking problem in airports, bus terminals, and city centers, municipal and corporate parking lots.

  • The system design is function as well as visual. It fulfills the needs of car galleries to exhibit more cars and prepare an interesting presentation.

  • It is one hundred percent safe in terms of vehicle security. It prevents car thefts. It prevents other cars from hitting your own car.

  • Entrance and exits are safe and fast.

  • Noise pollution is at minimum. Noise and vibration generated when transferring cars from the transporter to parking cell is very low.

  • Entrance and exits from car parking location has been facilitated in order to save driver some time.

Automatic Parking System
Automatic Parking System