Smatv Installation

  • Introduction

 SMATV - Satellite Master Antenna TV is a system that can transmit as many TV channels as required over a single cable to residential areas such as sites, holiday camps, hotels, business centers, hospitals, etc.

Head-End system is installed to a center. This center consists of dishes which are directed at a satellite where the channels shall be obtained and HEAD-END system.

Also this system is limited with channels (around 50 channels). The preferred channels are chosen by the user and the system is installed. It is transmitted to users from the center by splitting. Users can independently watch more than one TV at their homes. If there are 45 channels in the center, that means there is a receiver for every channel.

These types of systems are generally preferred in villas where the number of rooms and TV sets are many.

A SMATV system consists of main parts detailed below.

  • Terrestrial antennas
  • Satellite antennas
  • Quadro LNB (Low Noise Block)
  • Multiswitch
  • Receiver
  • Modulator
  • Tap, Tapoff, Splitter, sockets
  • Combiner
  • Amplifier
  • Power supply